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 Sperm donation is one of the first options that tends to come to mind for young, single men when they are desperate for money. The movies do not make it clear, but there are certain qualifications that a male must meet in order to be eligible to donate sperm. The guidelines actually vary depending on the clinic. However, there are guidelines that are common for all donation sites.

Men must be between the ages of 18 and 44 to qualify. Individuals interested in donating sperm cannot have adopted parents. Advances in medical testing procedures have led to genetic requirements. Any individual with a history of diseases that are known to be transferable through genetic means will not qualify as a donor. Total health also plays a major role. The individual must be free of significant illnesses and diseases. Using donation banks is also not a one shot deal. Most donation centers ask that participants be willing to produce a specimen anywhere between 4 to 8 times in a laboratory setting within a one month period.

Donors must also keep in mind that banks are not always seeking donations. Calling or approaching an establishment directly to inquire whether or not they are accepting donations is advisable. The process itself is very time consuming. The initial visit usually entails a thorough investigation of your personal medical history and the medical history of your family. Upon the first visit, potential donors will be asked to provide a sample specimen to determine the amount of actual sperm present, the quality of the sperm, and the reaction of the sample to freezing. All of these factors can determine whether or not the donation center considers you to be a viable candidate for giving. If all of the initial requirements are fulfilled, then donors will be asked come back to undergo blood testing and a full physical examination. Barring any serious medical conditions and sexually transmitted diseases, donors will then be asked to sign a contract to guarantee regular donation over a period of at least one month.

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