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New Sperm Findings: The Truth and Myths about Sperm Infertility

​Infertility is on the rise. According to a French study, it appeared that it was not the amount of sperm, but the decline in sperm quality that was becoming a bigger issue. Here we will examine the truth about male infertility.

In today's society, couples are waiting to have children. Thus, they are older when they first try to conceive. Studies have shown that instead of remaining equally fertile for their entire lives, male sperm tends to decline in quality and quality as they get older. Their is a steady decline after the age of 50.

While drinking heavy amounts of alcohol does lower sperm count, drinking in moderation has no effect. Similarly, men who smoke heavily, between two and three packs a day, are more likely to produce sperm that is abnormal, and the effect on male fertility is still inconclusive.

A healthy diet and regular exercise can help with male fertility. However, excessive exercise can decrease the amount of testosterone in men.

Frequent sex can also decrease the amount of sperm in each ejaculation. If a couple is trying to conceive, it is best to only have intercourse every two to three days, thus giving the man a chance to increase his sperm count.

It has been said that the use of laptop computers can also cause a decrease in a man's sperm count. This is not due to the wireless signals being emitted, but from the heat that the laptop produces. It is best to keep the pelvic region cool, as heat can decrease the number of sperm produced.

When trying to conceive, the best advice is to keep a healthy lifestyle. Getting plenty of rest, exercising regularly, a healthy diet, and keeping the stress levels down are a good way to increase the chance of conception.

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