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New Male Birth Control Options

 There is good news on the horizon for couples when it comes to birth control. In the past, the woman has had the most options when it comes to various forms of birth control while men have been confined to condoms. Condoms are not always effective and they are uncomfortable for many, altering the sexual experience. However, a male contraceptive is in the works. Adjudin is one drug that is being tested as well as the dry orgasm pill. Adjudin actually alters the sperm while the dry orgasm pill affects the muscles of an orgasm and sperm delivery. Each are in the testing phase. Other medications are under investigation as well. If women can have effective contraceptives, there is no reason that men cannot take control as well.

Other possible birth control options for a male contraceptive include intra vas devices which would be implanted in order to stop the flow of sperm. Soft silicone plugs or a urethane tube are inserted within the vasa deferentia, the tubes which carry the sperm. By using these birth control options, the sperm are effectively blocked, which will then avoid fertilization. It's primarily heading the sperm off at the pass. These devices are in an advanced stage in clinical trials. The results are promising and they will hopefully be on the market in the near future.

Another possibility is a birth control shot. This is also in the experimental stage but is causing great excitement in the medical community. Vasalgel, a polymer gel, is injected as a birth control shot directly into the penis. It then causes the sperm to break down completely. The gel actually coats the inside of the vas deferens and then kills sperm cells. One of the most exciting prospects is the fact that it could be effective for a decade. Once again, this method and many others is part of a clinical study. Men who are interested in getting involved can find out about joining in one of these groundbreaking studies to do their part. Imagine how much more effective contraception will be when both sides take charge.

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