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Quality Matters: Have Healthy, Happy Sperm!

​Many men don't consider the quality of their sperm before they try to conceive a child. However, men your qualit of sperm matters when you are trying to have a children. According to Dr. Sijo Parekatti, director of urology at Winter Haven Hospital, he says that conception problems can be traced to the male about "half the time..." Low quality sperm may also create low quality pregnancies, with a sickly or stillborn child being the result.

One of the major ways sperm quality and count falls are electronic devices such as cell phones and laptops. Don't keep your cellphone in your pants pocket as it emits small amounts of radiation. Although not harmful to your body in the long term, the close proximity to your sperm may be damaging them.

Working with a laptop on your lap creates excessive heat that can also damage sperm. This is also why excessive sauna or hot tub use also hurts sperm quality. Sperm are delicate and too much heat or too little heat can damage them. Wearing warm underwear and pants during the winter months is another simple way to keep your sperm quality high as it keeps your sperm at just the right temperature.

Smoking, excessive drinking and drugs all contribute to an unhealthy body and directly result in lower sperm quality. Your body won't function as well as it should which effects even your sperm.

Tight underpants constrict your testicles and make it more difficult for them to effectively create sperm. Temporary sickness affects your whole body while chronic problems, such as diabetes will affect your sperm for years. Obesity also causes low sperm quality as it causes men to produce female hormones.

Body builders or other men who use steroids are not doing their sperm any favor. Taking steroids causes your body to stop making sperm altogether, which can lead to complete atrophy of your testicles. According to Parekattil, it can take up to a year to produce sperm after stopping taking steroids.

As you can see, there are many ways to ensure you can have healthy and happy sperm.

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