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Ensure You Have Healthy Sperm

​For couples who are trying to conceive, having healthy sperm is essential. A man should be aware of certain things that can cause him to have a low sperm count because having a low sperm count can make it very difficult to impregnate a woman. Once a man knows what is causing his low sperm count, he can take the appropriate steps to increase his sperm count.

A man who is under a great deal of stress often has a lower sperm count than other men. A man may not have a way to get rid of all of the stress he is under, but he can find ways to deal with his stress. Once a man learns to manage his stress, his sperm count will increase and return to normal.

Overheating the Testicles
Overheating the testicles can also decrease a man's sperm count. A man who is trying to conceive should avoid situations in which the testicles could get too hot. This means avoiding saunas and hot tubs. Also, a man should not sit his laptop on his lap because the heat from the laptop can decrease the sperm count. Even tight underwear can cause the testicular area to get too hot. Avoiding these situations can increase a male's sperm count.

Smoking, Drinking, and Drug Abuse

Smoking, drinking, and using illegal drugs such as cocaine and marijuana can also lower a man's sperm count. The only way to maintain healthy sperm is to steer clear of smoking and illegal drugs. Men can drink in moderation. However, excessive drinking will lower the sperm count.

A man's diet can also affect his sperm count. A man who does not get enough of certain vitamins and nutrients sometimes has a lower sprem count than men who eat healthy, balanced diets. Males need to be sure they are getting enough Vitamin C, zinc, and folate to increase their sperm counts.

Men who want to maintain healthy sperm should learn to control their stress levels, eat a healthy diet, and avoid smoking, drinking in excess, drug abuse, and overheating the testicular area.

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