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New Science for Sperm Donation

​Researchers with China's Zhengzhou Central Hospital have developed a revolutionary device to make sperm donation more comfortable for men with fertility problems who also experience difficulty with retrieving sperm.

Dubbed "sperm extractor", the device can be easily adjusted to the height of a man's pelvis and allows for manual adjustment of temperature, speed and frequency of motion. The extractor also offers a surround sound system to accompany the display screen, both of which help the man focus on the task in utmost comfort and relaxation, according to the Times of India newspaper.

The hospital's director of urology, Zhu Guoxin, stated the machine could be of great use for standard sperm donations as well, but is recommended for men who have encountered problems retrieving sperm. Of course, where there are fertility issues, the sperm must be closely inspected by doctors to find the cause of the problem.

Guoxin went on to say that any man using the machine must wear a condom, and that any kind of chemicals and lubricants on the condom could affect the results of testing done afterward. A plain, unlubricated brand is the best choice for use in the machine.

Currently, the innovative machine is available only through Zhengzhou Central Hospital but could soon make an appearance at other fertility clinics worldwide. The UK newspaper Daily Mail reported that various models of the machine are currently selling on one website for $2,800. The site states the machines can give a very comfortable feeling to those who are using them.

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