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No Need for Fertility Clinics: DIY Sperm Count Test


Numerous couples experience infertility problems. Either partner may have anatomical or physiological irregularities contributing to a lack of pregnancy. Following a vasectomy, couples must use birth control for a specified amount of time until assured by health care professionals that pregnancy will not occur. Sometimes cancer, infections or other medical conditions temporarily reduce sperm counts. Most men prefer not having to endure the embarrassment and inconvenience of providing a sperm sample at a physician’s office. Latest innovations allow men to evaluate sperm in the privacy of their own home.

Unless a member of the household is a biologist, chemist or a combination of the two, most people do not have access to the laboratory equipment required to evaluate sperm. Of course, for around $200, individuals may acquire a microscope, hemocytometer slides, slide covers and collection containers, along with pipettes formaldehyde buffering solution and a handheld counter. Using this equipment, laboratory technicians determine sperm count, shape and mobility, along with ejaculation volume. Over-the-counter test kits now provide some or the majority of this information without having to make an appointment.

The FertilMARQ Home Diagnostic Screening Test and the SpermCheck fertility test evaluate sperm count. The self-contained kits require that men obtain a sperm sample and add a testing solution. A color change typically occurs, which individuals then compare with an enclosed color chart or a line on a test strip. These tests change color if men have a normal count of 20 to 250 million sperm per milliliter of ejaculate.

The Micra Sperm test kit evaluates sperm count, sperm mobility and ejaculate volume. The package contains a miniature, focus adjustable microscope with LED light, counting slides and covers, along with specimen accessories and instructions. This testing kit is more expensive compared to basic sperm count kits, but provides a more detailed analysis of sperm.

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